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Blogging Etiquette 101- All About Commenting

While starting a blog may not be hard, growing a community is. I have always believed that a blog is a part of a huge community and bloggers need to share some love with each other and their readers. It is not a competition, is something that I have always said, and while it is really easy to get caught up in the rat race, it is not wrong to slow down a bit to smell the flowers. Well even if smelling flowers is not your thing, do take a breather to communicate and talk to other fellow bloggers and your readers. Blogging has become so commercial that the personal touch seems to be getting drowned in the deluge of brand collaborations.

Here are some tips or rather, some basic etiquette that I think all bloggers need to take a look at. These are not just the bloggers, but even blog readers because the communication has to be a 2 way street.
This is a 3 part series for now and will be updated every Tuesday for the next 3 Tuesdays. So stay tuned.

Today lets talk about comments, the problems with comments and how we can fix this as bloggers and readers.

Comments are the best way to network. It is a way to discover new blogs and maybe stumble upon a new favourite product. Here are the problems with comments and well, what I think are some solutions to fixing the problems.

Problem 1:
One of the biggest problems that I face is finding time to comment. I know that when I get into the writing mode, I don't want to get distracted and I switch off all the social media so I can focus on the content. Then of course I am spending time scheduling my social media. Finally to relax I end up scrolling Facebook and Twitter or watching a serial online. So where is the time for reading other blogs?

Solution 1:
I have found that the simplest way to be able to read and comment on blog posts, is schedule half hour to do the same. I do this once in 2 days and get through atleast 6-8 blogs in that time and comment on each and every one of the blog posts that I read. (Okay even I am guilty of not commenting on all blog posts but I try). I set an alarm and this way after half hour, I make sure to stop reading and get back to working. Sometime if I am travelling, then I bookmark the posts I want to read and catch up with them during my Metro ride or car journey. I have found that I have been reading a lot more posts since I started to do this. In fact I have found some really well written blog posts that I will definitely share in the next newsletter (Yes I am restarting the newsletter)
If half hour is too long a time then just read for 10 minutes when you take a coffee break. After all you can't keep typing away all the time right???

Problem 2:
Bloggers who leave comments on other blogs, do it only so that their website link is visible. It is merely a method of increasing the reach of the blog. But hey bloggers, don't forget that you are also a reader and a follower of other blogs.

Solution 2:
Try to be more sincere. I mean I definitely want comments on my blog posts and Instagram pictures, but I once got a comment on a picture which said- great outfit while the image I had put up was of some products. Clearly the person commenting had not even bothered to really look at the picture. If you are sincere when you leave a comment, then you can be sure that you are nurturing a life long relationship.
Leaving a meaningful comment not only makes the content creator feel good, but will also definitely drive traffic back to your website. Think about it. You know that what goes around, comes around right? So why not make a bit more of effort to actually appreciate someone's work.

Problem 3:
Sometimes I get people who tell me that they read my posts but never comment. This makes me wonder whether the content was just so boring that they had nothing to tell me about it. Or maybe I don't write content that is relevant to them. Or they could just be lazy readers as well.

Solution 3:
My dear readers, please take a minute or two to leave a comment on the posts that you really like. It helps me know what you like better and work on that sort of content. Getting comments on my blog posts and social media pictures really boosts my confidence and fuels the fire to produce better content for you. So don't shirk away from telling me when you like my post. I want to know it. If I am spending time and effort to put together good quality content for you, then the least you can do is let me know if what I have done is good, bad or ugly. I am open to some criticism as well. All comments don't have to be peaches and cream.

So there you go. Head on down to the comment section and tell me what you think. Am I right? Am I wrong? Do you agree that these are problems we face and what do you think are the solutions?
(If this post was useful in any way, then we will definitely be having a healthy discussion in the comments section).

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