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Coloressence Products- Review and Swatches.

Coloressence products Review Swatches

I kept wondering how to title this post and ended rewriting the intro to this post like 7 times. Each and every time just felt so uninspired, because I am in a bit of a creative rut right now. Not that I don't have the time to blog or anything like that, but my face seems to be taking revenge on me and has exploded with pimples again. It is a bit hard to click pretty pictures of your face when all the camera picks up is the eruptions.

Also travel seems to a be constant in my life right now. I just made a trip to Bangalore and got back. Bangalore was hectic with a couple of blog related meetings and a spa review. I barely stayed at home long enough to do any actual writing.

Then came Pongal, it was my first Pongal as a married woman, which means celebrations in a new house with a new family. So that kept me quite busy. But enough of excuses, I am finally penning down my thoughts about the products sent to me by Coloressence.

Coloressence is a budget brand, with a price point that around that of Maybelline. The products that I was sent include

1) HD foundation
2) Lipstick
3) Eyeliner
4) Pearl Eyeshadow

Coloressence products Review Swatches

Coloressence HD Foundation Review and Swatch

So I have never used a HD foundation before. I usually don't like to own multiple foundations, but now I seem to have accumulated 3 foundations including this one. This comes in a sturdy bottle with a built in pump.
The shade seems to be a lighter shade that my skin tone and I could see particles in the foundation. I am not sure if that is how HD foundation is supposed to be. When I tried it blend it out it seemed to cling to the dry patches on my skin and took some effort to blend. Even after blending I could see the particles on my face. In the pictures is doesn't look bad, but in person it really isn't very flattering. It does settle down a bit after a while. The coverage is very low. None of my marks were covered at all. In terms of longevity, it stays stuck to the skin for about 2-3 hours, but since it doesn't seem to matter much because it doesn't have the greatest coverage.
Maybe HD foundations are meant only for photographs, because this looks good in all the pictures as you will see at the end of the post.
I have no idea what the shade is because I could not find a shade name mentioned anywhere. Then I realised that there is no name. The shade is a number HDF 2.

Priced at 590INR for 30 ml, it is a budget buy, but I honestly don't seem to be a fan of HD foundations. Maybe I don't know how to work it or maybe its just not meant for my skin type.

Coloressence HD Foundation Review Swatches
Foundation Swatch

Coloressence HD Foundation Review Swatches
Foundation Blended out.

Coloressence Intense Long Wear Lip colour in Modern Love Review and Swatch

There is something about an all black casing that makes any lipstick look real classy. This lipstick from Coloressence looks like the Faces Canada one. The shade is a fuschia pink with some hints of lavender in it. It does slightly wash out my face, but I think I can balance it out by layering it with a gloss. This is a demi matte finish lipstick and needs about 3 swipes to get a good even colour. It is not crazy pigmented. There is some amount of transfer and the lipstick lasts about 1 meal after which it completely disappears. It is not very drying on the lips and applies fairly evenly. I think I would prefer using this as lip stain mixed with some lip balm.

Priced at 450INR for 2.5g  I would like to try some other colours in this range.

Coloressence Lipstick Review Swatches

Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner

This was the first product that I tested. I couldn't find an eyeliner and I had just received this, so I decided to take it for a test spin. The brush is really easy to use and I love how convenient it is. I can get a nice winged liner with this brush. The product itself is not as black as I would have liked for it to be. It requires some layering to get a smooth black line. There is no flakiness, but if you rub your eyes it does start to fade. The finish is a demi matte finish. The swatches on the hand don't look great but it does apply smoothly in the eyelids. It lasts for about 3-4 hours with fading on the inner and outer corner.

Priced at 150INR  for 6ml I think this eyeliner is pretty workable.

Coloressence Eyeliner Review Swatches

Coloressence Eyeliner Review Swatches

Coloressence Pearl Finish Shadow
Unfortunately this came to me in a completely shattered state. The eye shadow was all over the packet and I haven't been able to use this. I just bought some rubbing alcohol, so I will fix this eyeshadow and then update the review of it.

Some pictures of a complete look using the Coloressence foundation, lipstick and eyeliner.

Coloressence Products Review Swatches

Coloressence Products Review Swatches

Coloressence Products Review Swatches

Coloressence Products Review Swatches

Overall while Coloressence is a budget brand, I think the quality of the products that I received could have been better. I have definitely used products at a lower price and higher quality before so the expectations were a bit high from Coloressence.

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*Disclaimer: Products sent by the brand for review. The opinions expressed are my own and honest.