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Prestige Glenwood, Budigere and the Power of 3

-By Francis Roshan

How many of you knew that there were two places in Bangalore called Bypanahalli? Well! I found that out last Saturday, the hard way. So the reason for my adventure was the launch of the new villa project by Prestige Group that sits on a huge area off the Old Madras Road with some fresh air still left to breath.

Well honestly I haven’t kept myself updated with the real estate market in the recent past, but what I do know is that it’s been booming in every corner of the city. How far is the city going to stretch?. We got the answer to that question when they put the Bangalore airport outside Bangalore. Result: We now have bigger city, thus we now have more land to build and sell. So one such builder is Prestige, who recently launched a total of 116 villas which now spaciously sit on a lush 15 acre property, in Budigere, just off the Old Madras Road. (Click here for the exact location).

The location.

The KR puram-Budigere stretch, is emerging to be one of those places where you invest in a long term property. Most of the IT parks lie within a 10-20km radius. There is a 6 lane highway connecting KR puram to Hosakote with multiple flyovers, giving you a signal free stretch (Perfect to go on a long drive right?)  The areas surrounding Prestige Glenwood are filled with pharmaceutical companies , so yeah, it is an up and coming locality. 

Stores like Big Bazaar and schools like Baldwin's International school have opened up there as well.

About the property.
Prestige Glenwood is a 15 acre property , with a total of 116 villas, a fine pool and a cozy club house. They have both 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom villas which are both spacious and efficiently constructed. Each of these villas can be furnished by the sister concern of Prestige called Morph Interior Company. Every villa is carefully constructed with a compact living room that goes with a high ceiling. Adjoining to the living room is the kitchen and the dining room that have been cleverly placed to accommodate a maids room in the back. Then you take the stairs up to the first floor, on the landing you have a small sitting area with access to a patio that could have easily been another room. All bedrooms have a wooden flooring (How quaint)

Power of 3
Now here comes the interesting part. These villaments, priced at 1.9 crores onwards, come with the Power of 3, an offer that is rolled out by Prestige for the benefit of its customers. Where they have tied up SBI and HDFC, for everyone who takes a loan from the bank to by these villas will be able to get a discounted interest rate to add up savings on the purchase. Loans are available at just 3.99% interest for a 10 year tenure with interest subventions by the developer. In layman's language, you get some savings as you pay back the loan. So in some way you are actually making some money from the loan. This offer is valid only till Feb 12th currently. You can read more details here.

Before I sign off, there are few points to be kept in mind.
  • Absence of corporate environment.
  • KR puram –Hoskotte stretch is seen as a Industrial Belt
  • Not many IT companies have bought land
  • Lack of facilities (Hospitals, restaurants, shopping or retail shops)
  • Bangalore East is always struggling with low water table.
  • Still under the BMRDA limit and is beyond BBMP 
  • Public transportation is yet to pick up. You need to have your own vehicle.

All in all Prestige Glenwood is all about luxurious living.

For more details on other properties, click here.
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*Disclaimer- This is a paid collaboration. This is just an informative post giving you the details of the property. We are not selling it.