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A Beginner's Guide to Styling Waistcoats + Tips

Oh boy oh boy, I have missed blogging here and how!!  The past 2-3 weeks has been weird. One of my ex-colleagues passed away, another family friend passed away and these are all people my parents age. You can imagine how close to home it hits when you hear such news. It has been disturbing and I just haven't been able to focus.

To add to all of that sad news, my uncle had an accident, my father in law hasn't been in the best of health and I have had dime a dozen things to do including get the new blog set up.

Yes you heard it right. I, no no, we, started a new blog. We i.e. Francis and I. He wanted a platform to showcase his photographs but a photography blog didn't seem to make any sense. So we decided to expand it a bit more and include everything that is a treat for the eyes- Food, Travel, and Books. Thus we now have IrisMontage. Do head over there and check it out.

Getting back to this post. When I sat to digging into archives, I found some shoots that I had never gotten around to posting either because I forgot about them or because I didn't have the right inspiration to write a post. Maybe now is the right time to get a move on with them.

This is a shoot that I did with my cousin quite a few months ago. A really long time ago now that I come to think of it. We did a little sale shopping and ended up buying something from the new collection instead. Interestingly enough we both picked up waistcoats. Not just any waistcoats, but reversible waistcoats with a very Indian contemporary vibe. So that was our theme.

Stick to the Basics.

So this was the time when I was in a complete black craze and I was in LOVE with clothes from W for Women. Yes all of a sudden all my kurtas were from W for Women and I partly blame my husband (then fiancee) for that. He kept saying I look good in it and so I bought more kurtas than I needed from W.

In this particular outfit, the waistcoat and the culottes are all from W for Women. Okay I just realised that as I was writing this post. Do not ask why I get obsessed with one brand at a time.

What I love about this kurta is that is so super versatile!! I need a separate blog post to only talk about how much I love this black kurta. Unfortunately I didn't bring it with me to Chennai. Neither did I bring this waistcoat.

The culottes, well I picked them up hoping to be able to style them in multiple ways, but I haven
t managed to do that yet. I seem to be struggling to find the right shirts to go with these.

The waistcoat is a reversible one and a has a beautiful contemporary style design. This waistcoat is perfect for slightly formal occasions or when you want to present yourself as a prim and proper person.

Keep it Colourful

My cousin opted for something a lot more brighter. Her waistcoat was from Akriti and again a dual sided waistcoat.

She chose to pair with with palazzos that has some major flare in them (kind of like shararas. Or maybe these are shararas) and a simple spaghetti. Instead of going overboard with accessories we added just terracotta earrings.

Her waistcoat is a lot more colourful and fun and perfect for melas, flea markets and for those times when you decide to crash a mehendi party.

How else can you pair these waistcoats?
Long skirts, lehengas, dhoti pants (I am yet to invest in a pair of those), shararas are just a few options. I definitely intend to buy some dhoti pants and a sharara next.

Some more tips

  • A shorter waistcoat that cuts off around the ribcage can make your torso look longer. 
  • A bright coloured waistcoat will attract attention to the upper part of the body and highlight it. So if you are heavy chested, then you may want to take more subtle colours.
  • Black based waistcoats can make you look slimmer.
  • A waistcoat that hits around the pelvic bone will make you look proportional and give a bit more shape.
How would you style these waistcoats?

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Photography by Francis Roshan of Iris Montage
Styling and Concept by Krupa (Me)