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#IAFitness: Fitso App Review

Fitso app review

Fitness is a section that I have been waiting to kickstart on this blog. But it didn't seem to make sense to talk about it, until I had started to get fit myself.

I mentioned in a previous post about how I had a routine when I was a bride to be. I was exercising regularly, taking care of my skin and I felt so good about myself. So many people look at me and say - but you are so thin, why do you need to workout. Well that's because being thin has nothing to do with being fit and healthy. I wish that perception would change.

Anyway I was really struggling to get back on track with a fitness routine and that's when I got a request to review the Fitso app. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to start a proper routine with a diet plan and also start the fitness section on IshtyleAwhile

About the Brand

Fitso- Fitness social- started with a vision to make fitness an epidemic. Whether you are getting off from the couch to a 5km marathon training, cycling or running, or deep diving into a a weight loss plan, Fitso is your partner in crime. 

The whole idea is to make fitness accessible and affordable for everyone. Users can workout anywhere, any time, thus eliminating the need for a gym membership or expensive equipment. The main idea is to motivate one into fitness. Fitso also works as a social networking tool so you can get your friends on board as well and keep track of each other no matter where in the world they are.

Fitso app review
Some of the inbuilt workout routines

Fitso app review
Some of the inbuilt workout routines

How to use it. 
Download the app from Google Play Store. Sign up for it and get started. There are challenges that you can take up to keep you going. The challenges are attempted by people world wide, so hopefully that would be motivation enough for you want to be at the top of your game. 

There are videos with exercise to show you some simple routines that you can get in place. There is also a Premium Service that you can use and get your own nutrition coach or Fitness coach. 
There is also a daily meal log option, so you can keep track of your diet.

Fitso app review

Fitso app review

My experience with the Premium Service.
So I took up a month Premium Service with a nutrition coach and a fitness coach. The coaches who were assigned to me were very friendly. The first thing they did was to call me and get to know me. I was asked about my current lifestyle and my regular diet. Then after about 2 days I was given a daily workout routine and a meal plan for every day. 

The diet plan was pretty hard to follow initially because she asked me to cut out rice completely which is currently impossible for me. Chappati is not a common choice of cuisine in my in laws house. So I explained it to the nutritionist and she modified it to accommodate my constraints.

Similarly after a month of doing lunges, squats, and jumping jacks, I asked for a change in routine and yoga was incorporated 3 times a week.

In a span of 2 months, I definitely felt lighter thanks to the new diet. Exercising regularly made me feel good about myself but I didn't see any drastic change in my weight. That could also be because I was not as regular as I should have been.

Bangalore Fitness Blogger
My workout routine

Bangalore Fitness Blogger
My workout routine

Bangalore Fitness Blogger
My diet plan

Bangalore Fitness Blogger
My diet plan

Nutrition coach alone or Fitness Coach alone- 899INR per month.
Nutrition + Fitness coach- 1299INR per month.

What I loved about the app.

  • The coaches were really friendly, very accommodating and made changes as per my request. They also regularly followed up with my progress (even though I was doing a terrible job of being regular)
  • The app is easy to use.
  • If you are into running or cycling, then this is a great app because there are a lot of challenges for this.

What I do not like about this app.

  • I had a lot of issues with regards to the technical part. The app kept hanging or every time I updated a workout completion, it didn't take the update, so my fitness coach thought I was not doing the workout.
  • I think it is a bit pricey considering that it is an app and supposed to be making fitness more affordable.

I believe they are making some more changes to the app and also bringing in some new features to increase the social part of it.

Overall I like the concept but I don't think the pricing is really as affordable as it claims.
I was happy to get a chance to try this app because it got me back into exercising (Please do not ask I am currently exercising. Situations are not conducive to exercise at home currently but I will be back in shape soon and have a post up in April about it.)

What's your take on using a Fitness app? Comment below and let me know your favourite ones.

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*Disclaimer- I was offered one month free trial and I paid for the second month to get a better idea of it just for you guys. My opinions here are completely unbiased.