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Jharonka- A destination for Handloom saris

My love for saris started when I started wearing them for work on an every day basis. In fact this blog started from that love for saris and my desire to feature our ethnic fashion to the modern Indian woman. 

Right now my latest obsession is handloom saris. I am in love with the different textures that you can get in handloom saris and the variety is crazy. Each state is known for a particular type of sari and I am slowly building my collection to try and incorporate a sari from each state. I already have Kanchivaram silk, Bengal Cotton saris and now I am getting a Benarasi sari to add to my collection. I will most definitely be showcasing them as part of my 100 Saree pact this year. 

Why handloom sarees?

  • The art of weaving saris is a dying art and I am so happy that there are now websites like Jharonka are promoting the same. The weaver needs to be appreciated for his handiwork and the commercialisation of sari production has made the weavers almost lose their livelihood. One of the biggest reasons I am making a point to invest in handloom saris is to give back to the society that needs us. I think it is important that we all recognise this and help support weavers and their work. Think of it as your way to help preserve a talent that is native to India. 

  • Handloom saris are always unique. You will never find 2 handloom saris that are identical. The uniqueness is something that I love because it feels very personal, like that sari was made just for me. Knowing that no one else owns a sari like the one I have, always gives me royal feels. Every sari is like a designer piece. 

  • There are saris available for every occasion. Looking for something grand for a wedding, then you should try Benarasi silksChanderi silks are perfect for a formal occasion, and whether you are Tamil Brahmin or not, you must have a Kanchivaram silk sari in your wardrobe for the festival season. There are so many types of handloom saris it would be impossible to not find a sari for a specific occasion. 

  • Handloom saris are classy and really set you apart in the crowd. You can dress them up or style them in an Indo Western way to add some interest. There is a lot of versatility when you buy a handloom sari.

  • Investing in Handloom saris is one way of getting to know our culture and preserving the heritage of our beautiful country. Where else will you find so much of variety and creativity.
I have started looking for my next handloom sari on Jharonka. Maybe a Pochmapally Ikat or Gadwal silk. What about you? 

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Disclaimer- All pictures taken from the Jharonka website. I do not own any of them.