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Lavender Showers feat The Herb Boutique

This year has not been easy so far. Shifting cities, trying to find my place in the new family, learning how life in Chennai is, dealing with the heat, and of course trying to maintain this blog + the new travel and food blog-Iris Montage. There are compromises to make. There are adjustments to be done. And every time I think I have found a routine, it gets blown away by the winds of change. I am slowly coming to accept the fact that THIS IS MY ROUTINE.

When you live in a joint family, getting time for yourself is hard. I try to grab atleast an hour by myself every day, but more than often that doesn't happen or even in that one hour of ME time I end up working on the blog. Even now as I type this post, I am sitting in the hall, while my in laws sleep in their room. Why am I not in my own room, because my father in law is unwell and I don't know when he might call out for me to get him some water. I need to be here right now, so here is where I am. 

Now that you have gotten a glimpse at what my life is really like, let me tell you how I like to make use of even 15 minutes in the shower to relax and refresh for the day ahead.  

1) Keep a lavender scented soap/ shower gel on hand

I cannot tell you how important this is. Having a soap that just gets rid of dirt (which is the primary goal of a shower of course) isn't enough. Have a soap or shower gel with a lavender scent. Why lavender? Because it is known to relax the mind and the body. The one I am using is called Lavender Bliss and oh boy, what a bliss it is!!. Every alternative day I like to use this instead of my medicated soap and when I do, I make sure I spend a few extra minutes in the shower that day. This soap from is The Herb Boutique, a brand focussed on giving you the best of natural ingredients. It hasn't caused any breakouts or any skin related issues. I have absolutely loved using this so far.
Priced at 350INR

2) Opt for essential oils

Essential oils are great because they are multi purpose. You can use a vapouriser inside the bathroom. Add a few drops of Lavender oil and and light the tea candle. Do this about 10 minuted before you go for a shower, and when bathe in the absolutely relaxing aroma as you shower. I left my Lavender essential oils at Bangalore, so I'm going to have to invest in one here. Any suggestions of which brand I should try? Leave it in the comments section below.

3) Throw in a scrub.

Scrubs are great for exfoliation and of course for making you feel like you just had a spa session. I find that Lavender scrubs are usually filled with buds of the lavender flower. The scrub I am currently using from The Herb Boutique is called Moonlight Lavender. This is THE MOST luxurious scrub I have used so far. A combination of honey, lavender and vitamin E oil, you can be assured that your skin is getting the pampering it needs. The smell of lavender is quite pleasant and not overwhelming. You can feel the richness of the honey and vitamin E oil. Take your time to massage this product in and when you rinse it off your skin feels as soft as a baby's bum. You can feel the organic raw sugar particles in the scrub but they are not harsh at all. I am absolutely in love with this scrub and use it only when I want to make my day a bit more special. Sort of like a treat for myself.
Priced at 1349INR. Yes pricey, but this is luxurious!

4) Bath salts work as well.

So I was always of the impression that bath salts are meant to be used only if you have a bathtub. And then I tried some bath salts in my regular bath water and it made such a difference that I have started used bath salts a lot more regularly now. The beauty of the bath salt is that it is filled with essential oils, so the entire shower smells fabulous + you get benefits of skincare. What more do you need? I am currently using Lavender Bath Soak from The Herb Boutique. For those days when I have less time but I still want to feel relaxed and get away from the tensions of the household, I use bath salts in my bath water for that spa-like feeling.
Priced at 230INR.

5) End it with a tea.

Picture taken from the website. I do not own this picture.

Did you know that Lavender tea is perfect to induce sleep especially for those suffering from anxiety and stress? The Herb Boutique offers A Touch of Lavender, lavender with bergamot and earl grey. The perfect cuppa, before you head off to the land of dreams.
I haven't tried their tea yet, but it looks super interesting and I am thinking of ordering it once my current teas get over. (I am a tea hoarder)

P.S The packaging of the products is just so classy. I meant the box itself was mint colour and super sturdy!! Absolute love!

So here are 5 quick ways to incorporate Lavender in your life and also take a few minutes off to relax.

What do you do to relax amidst the crazy schedule of a day?

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*Disclaimer- The products were sent to me by the brand in exchange for my honest opinion.