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The DIY Nail Art Series Feat The Polish Yard- Nail Art 1

nail art ishtyleawhile

Nail Art and me just don't go together. But I still wanted to do a series on the blog with some simple nail art for beginners. So what do I do?
I decided to reach out to The Polish Yard and collaborate with her to do nail art with a step by step tutorial as well, basically nail art for dummies.

What's more is that this is going to be 6 part series. So you get to learn not 1, not 2 but 6 different easy-to-recreate nail art. 3 will be going up here on my blog. So check in every Tuesday for the next 3 Tuesdays. and 3 will be going up on the Facebook page of The Polish Yard and her Instagram page every Thursday, so make sure you are following her.

One more important thing, all the nail art on this series is going to black and white

Moving onto the first nail art in this series. 

Nail Art 1: Going Dotty.

This nail art requires almost no specific nail tools I can say!

Step 1:

So just take your basic black and white polishes and create this simple monochrome manicure.
Start by applying a base coat. I have used Seche Vite Base Coat. This top coat’s supposed to be the best one worldwide. No doubt, it is!

monochrome nail art basics

Step 2:
Once that has dried, paint your nails white. Depending on the opacity, apply one or two coats. I have used Maybelline’s white nail polish (needed 2 coats for complete opacity).

monochrome nail art basics

Step 3:
After the white polish is completely dried, drag a diagonal stroke of black nail polish starting from the cuticle until the free end of the nail. One coat of black polish should be enough to get a great finish. The trick here is to not move the nail polish brush but your nail to get a perfect diagonal fill of black polish. Totally achievable with a bit of patience and steady hands!

monochrome nail art basics

Step 4:
The last step in this manicure is fun! I love dots and placing them is very easy. Place equidistant and equal sized dots with a dotting tool or a bobby pin or a ball point pen’s refill tip (I used a dotting tool as I have one). Use black dots on white and white dots on the black. How to get them equidistant ? You need to get a hang of it, so before trying it on your nails, you can just dot on a plastic sheet or a foil for practice and to understand your dotting tool. To get equal sized dots – For this, you need to apply nearly the same pressure on your dotting tool. The trick can be mastered in just a few dots.

monochrome nail art basics

Step 5:
For the final finish, apply a top coat (I used Seche Vite again). The trick here: Apply top coat on the white side of all the nails first and then do the black side. This will cut down all chances of smudging and black invading the white area or vice versa.

monochrome nail art basics

And there you have it! A really cool polka dotted monochrome manicure ready! Try it out with different color combinations (like pink and purple or yellow and red) and if you guys recreate this, then use the #IAxTPY so that we can check them out.

For more monochrome and easy-to-do manicures, stay tuned to the series!

miss kays and The Polish Yard