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Being a #ChennaiPonnu feat Himalaya

When I told my friends that I was engaged to a boy settled in Chennai, I got the most mixed set of reactions. Most of them were "but Chennai is so HOT". Some of them where like 'Why Chennai though? Did you not find any Bangalore boys?"  But those who know me best, know that deep down I am a hardcore Chennai Ponnu (Chennai girl). They knew that Chennai is where I would be at home- heart and soul and told " I see you've found your perfect place to move to."

Finding that balance between traditional and modern has come to me naturally. I love my dresses as much as I love wearing a sari. I can gorge on pasta but nothing like good old curd rice completes the meal for me. As much as I love family time (and trust me I have a huge family, so there is a lot of family time), my love for some solo time takes over every now and then. I am a chemistry teacher. I am a blogger. I can curl up in corner with a book and I can gossip with the aunties at weddings. As a Chennai Ponnu, I definitely have the best of both worlds.

When it comes to my skin and my haircare, I mix and match for the perfect balance of natural ingredients with a modern twist. This is what Himalaya represents to me.

As a part of the #ChennaiPonnu campaign, I recently received the entire Himalaya Neem skincare kit. Here are my first impressions of it.

Himalaya Purifying Neem Facewash
This is not new to me at all. I have used this in the past. It is great for oily skin and just what I need for this hot weather. I love that doesn't dry out my skin and keeps it feeling fresh.

Himalaya Purifying Neem Scrub
Okay now this was a new one, because I have only used the fruit scrub from Himalaya before. With bits of apricot in it, this is makes for one great exfoliating product. This left my skin feeling clean without getting dry.

Himalaya Purifying Neem Pack
I have never reached for this product because I feared that a neem pack would be too drying for my skin. I tried this as part of an evening pamper session while on holiday in Pondy and was pleasantly surprised at how refreshing it was. It cleared out my acne in a jiffy and left me with glowing skin.

Himalaya also had an event at Express Avenue Mall where they invited all the beautiful ladies and kids of Chennai to take part in the Chennai Ponnu campaign. There was dancing and gift hampers given away. Here is a snippet from the event.

They have a contest going on currently, so hurry up and enter it. Here is the link to the Himalaya Facebook page.

The rest was up on our Instagram stories. I hope you caught the live action. We also got a cute tee shirt and a bag. Make sure to check Facebook and Instagram to see what we got and stay tuned for lots more updates.

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*Disclaimer- the products were sent in exchange for our honest opinion.