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Bell Sleeves and Shift Dress from Howrah Bridge.

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants is a story of a pair of jeans that fits 4 different girls and how they make a pact to share the pair of jeans. Of course it is also a story about how friends are always there for you no matter the distance and that nothing can really come in the way of true friendship, but for the purpose of this blog, lets focus on the fact that one pair of jeans fit 4 different body types. Did all the 4 girls look the same in it? No. They each styled it in their own way and looked stunning in it. 


REVIEW: LA Girl Pro Coverage HD Long Wear Illuminating Foundation.

LA Girl Pro Coverage HD Long Wear Illuminating Foundation.

It has been a while since I had a guest writer here, so today's review is by a fellow makeup junkie. 

Let's take a look at what she has to say.


EXPERIENCE: Dialogues in the Dark x Jewlot

This is one of those post that as been delayed for a really long time because I think I am still searching for words to describe my experience.


Why cleansing with essential oils is important feat Veda Earth


I live in Chennai. I have oily skin. It is now summer. And I am talking about using essential oils to cleanse my skin. You must be thinking I am insane right?

Well no.


Coloured Eyeliner for Summer feat Revlon PhotoReady Kajal

It has been so long since I posted a makeup look here. Not that I don't wear makeup. I mean if you follow me on Instagram then you would know that I am always attending weddings and other functions so I do wear a lot of makeup. It is just that somehow when it comes to clicking pictures I don't always get the time to do that because I actually do my makeup really slowly. I find it very therapeutic and I try to get perfection especially with my eye liner every time.


How to Keep Calm and Blog.

It is kind of ironical that I am writing this post at I time when I am extremely stressed. Maybe it is my way of reminding myself that there are ways for me to keep calm and I should probably be focussing on that rather than stressing on what I cannot control.


2 ways to wear Florals for Summer

So after an unintended hiatus for a month, I am back and back with so much more content. This entire month will have a lot of summer special fashion posts because well, lets face it, I live in a city where Summer is the season that trends the longest. (Also this summer series is very much inspired by Curios and Dreams. They have been having a summer series featuring a lot of makeup and skincare. So make sure to check out their series by clicking here)