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Why cleansing with essential oils is important feat Veda Earth


I live in Chennai. I have oily skin. It is now summer. And I am talking about using essential oils to cleanse my skin. You must be thinking I am insane right?

Well no.

Cleansing with oil is something that I have been doing for a really long time now. I was a Bharatnatyam dancer and I am used to having heavy duty makeup on my face. The makeup artist would always tell me to clean the makeup off by using coconut oil. So that was my introduction to using oils for cleansing at the innocent age of 10. (I have been performing since I was 6). Coconut oil always worked like a charm. It would get very single bit of mascara and kajal off without any tugging or loss of eyelashes. Infact even now I use coconut oil or olive oil to remove makeup some nights, so that is one thing that has not changed in many many years.

However what has changed is my understanding of essential oils. I have started to incorporate a lot of essential oils into my skincare and hair care routine and for some reason I am yet to talk about it here. So starting with today's post, I am hoping to talk in detail about various essential oils and their uses in skincare over the next few months.

So why should you cleanse with essential oils?

1) It helps to remove dirt without clogging pores
2) Restores the natural oils that are produced by the skin
3) Improves texture and elasticity of the skin
4) Leaves skin leaving softer and cleaner
5) Treats acne spots and pigmentation

Essential oils can used to treat all your skin issues by changing the combination of the oils that you use. You can reduce acne, make your skin brighter, treat spots, reduce age lines, okay now I sound like an ad, but you get my point right? Do you really need more reasons?
Once you start learning how to work with essentials oils, it gets addictive.

What Cleansing Oil am I using currently?

The oil that I have been using for a few months is the VedaEarth Facial Cleansing Oil. I am guessing you need no introduction to VedaEarth as I have spoken about their products in the past. They blend the best of aromatherapy with ayurveda to give you all natural skincare products that are perfect for today's modern Indian woman.

The VedaEarth Cleansing Facial Oil comes in a simple dark blue plastic bottle with a screw type of cap that is very travel friendly. I have taken it on 2 trips with me and had no issues of leakage. It contains Frankincense, Roman Chamomile and Benzoin. Quite a few fancy essential oils throw in there eh?


Frankincense has astringent properties which helps reduce the size of pores and prevent wrinkles.
Roman Chamomile is known for its calming ability. It has a very soothing scent which makes it perfect for aromatherapy.
Benzoin (whose chemical formula I knew before I knew it has skin healing properties. #NERDALERT) is used as an anti inflammatory agent, and as an astringent.
The combination of the oils has a very calming scent and that is one reason why I love using this oil as night before I sleep. I feel like I have been sleeping better when I massage my face with this oil at night.


How to use the Veda Earth Cleansing Facial Oil?

Well according to the instructions on the box you massage a few drops of this into your face and neck. Then wipe off the excess with a dry tissue and don't wash your face afterwards. I tried that method but it left my skin feeling oily beyond redemption.

So here is how I use it instead.

Take a few drops on your fingers and massage it into your skin. If you have makeup, then I suggest using a wet wipe to remove all of the makeup. Then take a few more drops and massage it into your skin. Now wait for a bit so that the oil can soak into your skin, and then wipe the rest off with a clean cotton pad. Wash your face with plain water if you feel necessary. Or you can do a second round of wiping using another wet wipe. That is what I prefer to do. I don't use soap after I use this oil.
If you do wash your face then make sure to moisturise it with a vitamin E serum or some night serum to keep the hydration locked in.
Another suggestion I would make is to not use any sheet mask the day you are using this oil. Sheet masks in general are super hydrating and when combined with this oil at night, the skin goes into overproduction of sebum and get very sticky in the morning.



How has the Veda Earth Cleansing Facial Oil being working for me?

As a makeup remover, it isn't very great. It does remove some light makeup, but I would suggest that you use heavier oils like coconut oil for removing the heavy duty foundation and makeup, then use this cleansing oil. Definitely do not use this on your eyes, there is a bit of burning sensation if it goes into your eyes.

The VedaEarth Cleansing Facial Oil works well to remove everyday dirt build up. My skin has definitely felt healthier since I started using this (I am sure you guys have seen the glow if you are following me on Instagram). I would like to mention that I do not use this every night. I felt like given how oily my skin is by nature and the current humidity, it work better if I used it once in 2-3 days. And so far I have liked how it has been working.

Priced at 452INR for 50ml, it might look a bit steep, but you need just a few drops so this will definitely last for a few months.

What do you think about using Cleansing oils as part of your skincare routine? Let us know in the comment section below.

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*The product was sent by the brand in exchange for my honest opinion.